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Driving and dementia…

Someone who is diagnosed with dementia may be able to continue driving for some time. However, they must fulfil certain legal requirements. As the person’s dementia progresses, they will reach a point where they can no longer drive safely and must stop driving. Many people find this very difficult to accept. This factsheet explains the legal situation, and gives some tips on stopping driving. Read more…


Patient Notice – Fasting Blood Tests

After very careful consideration Parkbury House surgery has taken the decision to discontinue the clinic for collecting blood for Fasting Blood test. This decision has been taken based on the fact that many of the tests that the surgery has organised have recently shown that patients do not require fasting.

In consideration to the benefit of our patients, the great news is that, Parkbury House surgery is now able to offer more treatment room nurse appointments for routine health care.

If you are vulnerable or elderly and feel that attending a fasting blood clinic at St Albans City hospital is too difficult please contact reception and we will endeavour to support with an early morning treatment room nurse appointment.

We would like to kindly request patients who are not either vulnerable or elderly to go to St Albans City Hospital for blood tests, where there is a full pledged phlebotomy service available, the time table is as follows:

St Albans City Hospital – Blood Clinic Opening Time

Monday; Thursday; Friday 08.30- 16.00
Tuesday; Wednesday 12.00-16.00