Triage Service

The Parkbury House triage service is run daily by two doctors AM and PM.  The reception team will enquire whether your concern is new and will recommend that you are placed on our triage list.  Our team of doctors will call all patients on a first come first served basis (unless EMERGENCY) and discuss your symptoms.

If the doctor feels they cannot rectify your concern, through advice or issue of prescription, they will invite you in to attend a same day appointment.

This system ensures that our patients can receive advice from the doctor on the day of their call and that your doctor’s advice is never more than a few hours away.

Parkbury House offer Telephone Triage for all new concerns and Telephone Appointments with your preferred doctor for convenient advice for on-going concerns, medication reviews, prescriptions and test results.

The triage system is in addition to surgery appointments which are available to patients for new and on-going concerns.  Triage is optional but encouraged due to its efficiency.

Please give consideration to which appointment best suits your concern.