Cholesterol & Blood pressure readings update

Dear Patient,

Cholesterol Level:  Your medical history shows that you have a condition for which the monitoring and controlling of cholesterol levels is important. A well-controlled cholesterol level significantly reduces the chances of complications for this condition. Our records indicate that you have not had your cholesterol checked recently or that when you did it was above the recommended threshold. We would therefore be most grateful if you would take the time to have it checked so that we can provide you with the best preventative care.

You will need a blood test form in order to carry out this test. Kindly ask for a form at Parkbury House reception or you could also phone or email, we will prepare a form for you to collect from reception. Please note you DO NOT need to fast to carry out this test.

Once you have the form you do not need to book an appointment, simply turn up to the Pathology lab at the St Albans Hospital within their opening hours (Mon, Thurs & Fri 08.30 – 16.00 or Tues, Wed 12.00 – 16.00). The results should be with us within 10 days and we will contact you if you need to be seen or to discuss changes to your medication.

Blood Pressure Readings: Please let us know your latest readings.  Parkbury House have a dedicated blood pressure machine for patient use in our reception area.  The instructions are very simple to follow. One of our Reception staff will be happy to help you if required. Three consecutive Blood Pressure readings should be taken after you have been resting for at least 5 minutes and drop the slip in the drop box at reception. Blood pressure readings will be updated on your electronic records.

We will invite you to make an appointment to discuss your blood pressure should this be necessary after reviewing the readings.  Alternatively, if you feel you need to, please book an appointment with one of our practice nurses.

If you monitor your own blood pressure at home, please let us know your latest readings.

Please ignore

  • If you already have updated us about your blood pressure reading with the last 3 weeks;
  • If you already have booked an appointment with a clinician about your Blood Pressure;
  • If you have received a letter with a blood test form to attend a diabetic or a cardiovascular clinic or you have recently had a blood test for blood lipids/cholesterol within the last 4 weeks.

About You

Please use this date format: DD/MM/YYYY.

Your Blood Pressure

Please take 3 consecutive Blood Pressure readings after you have been resting for at least 5 minutes.

Please use this date format: DD/MM/YYYY.

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