Confidentiality Policy

Parkbury House Surgery recognises that it has a duty of confidentiality towards: –

  • Our patients
  • Our Staff
  • Other agencies

This means that everyone who works at Parkbury House Surgery must respect information about others. Such personal information belongs first and foremost to the individual concerned. All members of staff at Parkbury House have signed confidentiality and IT security policy coupled with an induction covering confidentiality.

The purpose of this Confidentiality Code of Conduct is to lay down the principles that must be observed by all who work within Parkbury House Surgery and have access to personal information about either patients or staff e.g. medical records; HR records.

  • It is important that Parkbury House Surgery protects and safeguards personal information that it gathers processes and discloses, in order to comply with the law and the relevant NHS mandatory requirements.
  • All employees working in the NHS are bound by a legal duty of confidence to protect personal information they may come into contact with during the course of their work. This is not just a requirement of their contractual responsibilities but also a requirement within the Data Protection Act 1998 and, for health and other professionals, through their own professions Code/s of Practice. This means that employees are obliged to keep any personal identifiable e.g. patient and employee records information strictly confidential. It should be noted that employees also come into contact with non-person identifiable information which should also be treated with the same degree of care e.g. business in confidence information, financial reports.
  • The legal and NHS-mandatory framework for confidentiality which forms the key guiding principles of this Code of Conduct consists of: (
    • The Data Protection Act (1998)
    • The Caldicott Principles (1998)
    • Human Rights Act (1998)
    • The Computer Misuse Act (1990)
    • Confidentiality: NHS Code of Practice (2003)
  • The Confidentiality policy has been produced to ensure Parkbury House Surgery is able to fulfil its duties as a health care provider whilst maintaining the rights of individuals in respect of their personal details. This Code of Conduct sets out the requirements placed on all staff when sharing information within the NHS and between NHS and non NHS organisations.
  • This Code of Conduct is intended to cover confidential data for both patients and staff from which the person can be identified. The data may remain within an NHS premises or be taken off site by staff that need to visit patients at home, travel to clinics, or work from home. Typically, the guidance will cover clinical information, personnel details and sensitive data.

For details, please read our Confidentiality Policy…

Confidentiality at Reception

Unfortunately due to limited space in our reception area, it is sometimes difficult to speak in private.

To communicate with a member of the reception team in private you may use the confidential communication form available at reception. Alternatively you can download and complete the form before you visit the practice.

You can also use this form if you have hearing difficulties.  Please ask a receptionist for assistance if required.

Everyone working for Parkbury House Surgery strives to improve patients’ confidentiality .