Patient Online Access

To access the ‘Patient Access’ login page, please follow this link:

What is Patient Online Access?

Patient Online Access is a new service which gives you access to a large part of your medical record. It is a different and better way to request a repeat prescription. Patient Online Access also allows you to view your current medication, adverse reactions & allergies and immunisation record.

It allows you to book and cancel an appointment and change your personal details. You will also be able to see any coded information in your record and see test results. You can choose to share your record and you can message the practice.

Please note: If you previously had Vision Online Access, you will need to re-register for the new service. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

We are now able to give parents, guardians and carers ‘Proxy Access’ to a child’s online record.

More information

Patient Access works through an online link to our medical IT system. By using this service, our patients can request access to see and do the following:


  • view your current acute & repeat medication
  • request a repeat prescription online through this service
  • send a message regarding your repeat prescription request

Adverse Reactions & Allergies

  • view your allergies and adverse reactions that we have recorded for you


  • view your immunisation record online

Change details

  • You can update your contact details online

Test Results

You will be able to see your test results but these are often hard to read for someone who isn’t a clinician. The doctor looks at many factors when considering whether a test result is ‘abnormal’ or ‘normal’.

Sometimes you may have a result that is nothing to worry about but which may look ‘abnormal’ when looking at the results. For that reason, the doctor may write ‘satisfactory’ to let you know that they are satisfied with the result.

Coded Information

Anything given a coding will be visible online. For example, the consultation date and doctor’s name will be visible, but the consultation may or may not contain any text, depending whether any medical coded information was entered into the consultation.

How to register for Patient Online Access:

Please complete this form and email it to the surgery together with a copy of your photo ID to OR post to us.

You will need to come into the surgery in person and bring with you a form of photographic identification (passport or driving licence). The receptionist will set you up immediately with a password giving you access to repeat prescriptions, appointments and allergies.

Please remember to go home and log in immediately to test that the access is working. Access to everything else takes up to two weeks to authorise. Your access will automatically update once this is done and you will receive an email to let you know you have this access.

There are further requirements needed if you are requesting access for children. Please read the flyer and forms below.

Forms can be downloaded and completed at home and then brought in to the surgery for authorisation. Alternately just come in with your ID and we will walk you through it.

Leaflets and Forms: