How to Order Repeat Prescriptions


These are the ways that you can request repeat prescriptions:

  • Please register for Patient Online Access to order your repeat prescriptions. The Parkbury House Surgery Website online form has been closed. More information on Patient Online Access
  • Through the NHS App. Once you have downloaded and registered on the app, you will be able to order a repeat prescription and choose a nominated pharmacy. Your request is sent to the GP surgery for approval, and then sent to your nominated pharmacy for collection. More information on the NHS App
  • Through the pharmacy. The pharmacy holds onto the right-hand side of the prescription and requests your repeat medication on your behalf. Remember to tell the pharmacy, every cycle, what you do and don’t need them to order
  • By handing in the ticked list found on the right-hand side of your previous repeat prescription to the pharmacy or at the practice
  • The process for ordering repeat contraception is not the same as other repeat prescriptions. How to order HRT and contraceptives…

How Long will it Take?

Please allow two full working days for your request to be processed. Your prescriptions will be ready after 4pm.

  • A request made between Friday 4pm & Monday 4pm will be ready at 4pm on Wednesday
  • A request made on Tuesday before 4pm will be ready at 4pm on Thursday
  • A request made on Wednesday before 4pm will be ready at 4pm on Friday
  • A request made on Thursday before 4pm will be ready at 4pm on Monday
  • A request made on Friday before 4pm will be ready at 4pm on Tuesday

If you are requesting an item that you have not had for a long time, for example for several years, then please make an appointment before requesting the medicine. If you have had the item more recently and are asking for a new issue of the prescription, please allow three full working days for the request to be completed.

Please note this is at the doctor’s discretion and you may be asked to book an appointment before the prescription can be issued.

Collecting your Prescription:

Prescriptions for patients 65 and older and 18 and younger will be issued for 28 days. For more information, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

  • If you have nominated a preferred pharmacy, then the prescription will be sent electronically directly to the pharmacy. This is the fastest way to get a prescription. This is how the practice would prefer you to collect repeats if possible.
  • If you haven’t nominated a preferred pharmacy, then your prescription will be ready for collection from reception by yourself or your carer.

Electronic prescriptions will not be issued for controlled drugs or on occasions when we need you to collect extra forms or correspondence relating to your medication.

Early Requests

Please do not send through a request for a repeat prescription until a week before the new prescription is due. This increases the potential for the prescription to be overlooked and not re-issued on time.

  • Any requests for repeat prescriptions that are requested early will not be processed by the practice until one week before the next repeat prescription is due.
  • If an early request is received from a pharmacy, it will be returned to the pharmacy.
    •If it is received through Patient Online Access, it will not be done and will remain on the system until a week before it is due.

Exceptional Circumstances

Repeat prescriptions cannot be issued early by anyone except a GP. The GP will only issue an early prescription in an exceptional circumstance (travel, theft, damage, etc.)

If you are putting in an early request because of exceptional circumstances, then you need to write a brief note explaining why you need your medication early.

However, issuing the repeat prescription early is at the doctor’s discretion and they may need to call you to confirm the details or wish to see you for a face-to-face consultation first.

Other reasons for not receiving your prescriptions on time

If your prescription is not ready at the pharmacy you have nominated after two working days of ordering it or it has not been printed and left at reception for you, it may be

  • You are due an annual review or blood test. This can sometimes involve a phone call from our prescriptions team, the doctor or the reception team, who may need to book you an appointment.
  • You need to have a face-to-face consultation as the problem for which the item was prescribed needs to be examined again or requires further investigations.

It is the doctors’ duty to ensure that you and your medication are monitored and reviewed. This is not negotiable.


The cost per prescription is £9.15 unless you have an exemption. If you feel you may be a candidate for exemption, advice is available from the NHS website – Health
Costs and Exemptions.