Flu Vaccination

Parkbury House encourage you to attend for your free flu vaccination at the Surgery as opposed to using alternative private providers. Having your flu vaccination at the surgery allows us to keep an accurate record of your vaccination and health information, offer clinical support and ensures we can provide this service year after year. Flu vaccinations are provided by the NHS and a low uptake would affect our ability to provide this and other additional services in future years.

Please support Parkbury House and the future of General Practice in the NHS by having your flu vaccination with your GP Surgery.

Types of Flu Vaccination available at Parkbury House Surgery

Flu Vaccinations are age specific as of September 2018.

If you are 65 and over there is a new recommended vaccine called aTIV which is proven to be better for people in this age group.

This vaccine is being delivered to us in small batches and we will be sending you a letter when we have it in stock – at which point you can book an appointment with our HCAs, Shelley or Lisa.

If you would like to have the vaccine earlier than we are able to offer, you are welcome to enquire at local pharmacies to see if they have it in stock. Alternatively we can give you the Quadrivalent vaccine but please be aware that this isn’t as effective for your age group as the aTIV vaccine.

If you are 18 to 64 years old then we offer a Quadrivalent vaccine. Please note that not all patients in this age group are eligible to have the flu jab. Only patients who are medically ‘at risk’. If you are at risk you will receive an invitation to a flu clinic. The Quadrivalent vaccine covers more strains than the previous Trivalent vaccine. We have this vaccine in stock and are running two flu clinics where you can walk in to have the vaccination:

  • 13th October 2018
  • 29th October 2018

If you are unable to attend either of these dates then you are welcome to book an appointment with our HCAs, Shelley or Lisa, after the 13th October.

Children 6 months to 17 years old will be offered a flu vaccine. We will be writing to the parents or guardians of children eligible to have the vaccine in practice to let you know when we will be holding a flu clinic for children. The date hasn’t been set yet as we are waiting for confirmation of delivery date. Children who are aged 2 & 3 will also receive a letter from Child Health promoting the flu vaccination at our surgery.

The flu vaccine will be offered in practice to all children ‘at risk’ and also to children aged 2 and 3 on 31st August 2018.

Please note that children will also be offered the flu vaccine at school if they are in an eligible age group – reception class and school years 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. If they miss the vaccination at school, or are home schooled, they will need to contact the immunisation team on 01234 310408.

Should you have the flu jab?

Patients eligible for the flu jab at Parkbury House Surgery are:

  • All patients who are 65 or over
  • All children aged 2 & 3 on 31st August 2018 (born between 1st September 2014 and the 31st August 2016)
  • Patients who have any of the following problems (however old you are):

Your GP may advise you to have a flu jab if you have serious liver disease or a neurological condition such as multiple sclerosis (MS), cerebral palsy or learning disability.

Women that are pregnant

Read more about who should have the flu jab.

The Flu Jab in Pregnancy

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