Private Services

Fees are charged for the services listed below.  This is because they are not part of the NHS Health Care Service we provide.  In most cases we require prior payment.


To Whom it May Concern (TWIMC) letter £30.00
Fitness to travel certificate £30.00
Written confirmation of Registration £30.00
Housing Letter £30.00
Private Sickness Certificate £30.00
Holiday Cancellation £30.00


Medical Insurance/Travel Insurance/School – no examination £35.00
Sickness/accident insurance claim form £35.00
Provident Association Claim Form (BUPA/PPP/AXA) £35.00
Employer’s Report & opinion (not paid for by employer) £70.00
Employer’s report & opinion without examination £70.00
Pre-employment medical questionnaire form £70.00

Medical examinations

HGV/LGV/PCV/Elderly driver, written report (20 mins) £150.00
Sports Medical with report eg. Diving £150.00
Pre-employment medical examination with report £150.00


Adoption Medical (30mins) £80.00
Fostering forms – adult health £80.00
Form AH – health assessment on a prospective carer £75.00
Form AH2
Ill abroad form £125.00

Assessment of capacity – POA

Report/Form – without home visit £100.00
Report/Form – with home visit £200.00


Hepatitis B per vaccine (may need 3) travel NOT occupational health £50.00 per dose
Meningitis ACWY £55.00

Read more about Vaccination fees.