Travel vaccination charges

Some vaccinations recommended for travelling abroad may be provided free of charge as part of the NHS General Medical Service. Some however, are not.

Whilst we are able to provide many of your vaccination needs we may need to charge for those we cannot claim for under the NHS guidelines.  Please seek advice from the Practice Nurse to find out which may be chargeable

Please note that the following items are never available free of charge and you will need to pay for them at the time of checking in for your vaccination appointment

Please note we no longer accept cheque as a form of payment.

Meningitis ACWY £52.00
Rabies (course of three) £132.00 (£44.00 per dose)
Hepatitis B (per dose) £40.00

(Hepatitis B may be provided free of charge as a precautionary measure to certain groups such as healthcare workers. Evidence to be brought to your appointment.)

If you require further guidance please contact your Practice Nurse for advice.