Seasonal Influenza Vaccinations 2022-23

We would like to inform you of our flu vaccination plans for this year. We offer seasonal influenza vaccinations to all our eligible patients who are 65 years and over, or who fall into certain at-risk groups. Patients who fall into these categories should attend one of our dedicated flu sessions to receive the vaccination. Clinics will begin from Saturday 1st October 2022. Texts and letters will be sent out this week to those patients who are eligible inviting to book via Patient Online Access, or by phoning the surgery. Clinics are being held at Parkbury House Surgery, St Peters Street. Please note, these are NOT walk-in clinics. Appointments must be booked in advance. Please do not attend if you have any symptoms indicating possible Covid infection.

We urge you to book an appointment as soon as you can. If you do not attend, we cannot guarantee that your vaccination will still be available at a later date. Having your flu vaccination at the surgery allows us to keep an accurate record of your vaccination and health information, offer clinical support and ensures we can provide this service year after year.

IF you are eligible for a Covid booster we may be able to offer this at the same time as your flu jab at the clinic. Please ask the vaccinator when you attend your appointment at the flu clinic.

If you haven’t yet signed up for Patient Access, please visit our website for registration details

On arrival at the surgery please follow the direction signs for the Flu Clinic. The entrance for the flu clinic is at the BACK of the building. We will have several vaccinators available to minimise your waiting times. To assist in the smooth running of the clinic please wear clothing which allows comfortable access to your upper arm(s). We would be grateful if you can remove your outdoor coat before entering the consultation room.

Please note, when attending for your flu jab appointment, please enter your car registration details in the surgery portal on arrival, to avoid a parking ticket.