Other Information

  • Smoking is one of the worsts habits which can increase your risk of getting COVID-19 and your recovery if you were to get it. If you were to get COVID-19, your smoking history will be your enemy. Use this moment as an opportunity to stop. Please contact the surgery if you feel you need help with this.
  • There is plenty of information on here: www.gov.uk/coronavirus
  • There is a World Health Organisation WhatsApp update service you can subscribe to. Once you have, the rest is pretty self explanatory: www.who.int/who-health-alert-brings-covid-19-facts-to-billions-via-whatsapp
  • King’s College are collecting data on people who have symptoms. This will help understand this novel virus and help with treatment and guidance. If you find that you can help,  spend a minute a day to give some useful information: www.covid.joinzoe.com
  • Make sure you clean your phones several times in the day, even consider taking the case off for the next few months. It is a hidden home for the virus which we mustn’t forget!
  • Please wear disposable gloves when filling petrol or taking your bins out. There is high risk of transmission if you don’t.
  • Make sure you have enough food and supplies in the house but don’t be over zealous, be mindful of others in society.