Stopping smoking

When you decide to give up smoking you will need the determination to succeed.  There    are some important steps in becoming a non smoker:

  • preparing to stop
  • stopping
  • stopping permanently

Sometimes it can take up to 3 months to stop smoking completely but in most cases  it takes less time.

To help you stop smoking try writing down your reason and keep the list to hand for    the next few months.  Be sure to write down the benefits you will gain from stopping    smoking such as:

  • less coughing
  • better breathing
  • feeling healthier
  • cleaner clothes
  • more money
  • a significantly lower risk of you and your family developing smoking-related illnesses

You can use a Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) which provides the effect of nicotine    without the need for smoking.

The NHS offer a free Quit Kit to help you get started and provide useful tools to help you quit.

For more information and help you can join our smoking cessation clinic.

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