Sarah Novelli (Minor Illness) RGN
Susan King RGN OHND
Jackie Glover RGN RSCN Dip.HE
Sophie Royffe RGN
Rachel East (Minor Illness & Community Specialist Nurse) RGN
Laura Khan RGN
Lucy Anne Brewer RGN
Shelley Morris Health Care Assistant
Joanna Scrimgeour RGN

Sarah Novelli, Joanna Scrimgeour, Lucy Brewer & Rachel East are available to see patients with minor illnesses. Examples include infections (Chest, Urinary tract, Vaginal, Skin etc.) coughs, aches and pains, worsening asthma and any other problems, which have not been helped by conventional self-medicating.

All our nurses run a variety of clinics and are available to give help and advice on travel and holiday immunisations, minor injuries, dressings and other designated procedures.